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Market data price feed

mt4 data feed metatrader

PriceBox — A Revolutionary Market Data Price Feed for MT4 & More!

Integrating a MT4 pricing data feed is an essential factor for success in the market, due to the potential of even the smallest delays affecting the market. Thanks to the ever-increasing selection of solutions provided by PriceBox, esteemed brokers can provide immediate access to quality market data from reliable suppliers straight to their MT4 platforms, ensuring complete clarity in their customers' trades.

PriceBox Service — Market Data Price Feed for MT4

The PriceBox service was created to meet the needs of Master Account customers in the most up-to-date data price feed. It provides them with the most dependable information regarding quotes from the world’s leading exchanges in real time from the most popular trading platforms.

The service features more than 200 million trading operations and quote updates daily on over 400 cryptocurrencies, Forex, Binary Options, Stocks, Metals, CFDs, and Indices.

Cryptocurrency, Forex & Binary Options Data

Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Binary Options data streams from every exchange are standardised and logged with distinct sequence numbers, allowing for a retrospective review of market moves. The comprehensive 2nd-level information supplies traders and brokers with a complete understanding of the price in the market. Backed up by multiple backups, subscribers will never experience interruptions and will be instantly informed of any technological issues in the field.

mt4 data feed metatrader

Rely on Us for Up-to-date Data

Our daily reports provide precise numbers on cumulative volume, working value, and opening, maximum, minimum, and closing prices for each asset in the area of transaction. So, you can trust the information with confidence.

Get Access to Market Price Feeds

Our market data price feeds are crafted by specialists in the Forex, Binary Options, CryptoCurrency, Stocks, Metals, CFDs, and Indices industries. Ready to use the data? Get in touch with us to get started.

PriceBox: Versatile & Adaptable

PriceBox is an excellent fit for many systems, including Metatrader 4. It is also competent in recognizing prices from a great variety of financial markets, such as Forex, Binary Options, Stocks, Metals, CFDs, and Indices.

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